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Today’s fast paced lifestyle that is supposed to give us more choice and more time is doing the opposite. We are presented with choices that are non-transparent; mobile packages with hidden fees and binding conditions we cannot escape. A long line at the shop makes a process as easy as canceling a package as difficult as moving mountains. Every step is an obstacle.

All of that ends now. FINN MOBILE is redefining a mobile network experience. What you see is what you get; transparent and straight forward packages let you make a well informed decision on which plan fits you best. Say goodbye to a long queue at the store; FINN MOBILE brings the store to your phone. Choose your package, change plans and control everything from data speed to your bill…effortlessly and instantaneously from your mobile phone. No strings attached; leave when you think it is time. We understand.

FINN MOBILE brings back control and delight to your mobile experience…because that’s how it should be.

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