International Service

Stay connected with FINN MOBILE. You are all set for any international calls
For international data roaming to continue using internet while you're abroad, contact our support channels to get set up!
How to turn on/off International Roaming service

Calling from

Calling to

Call to fixed line ฿/min No service
Call to mobile ฿/min No service
International SMS ฿/message No service


Country code
Area code
Destination number
Calls back to Thailand ฿/min No service
Calls within ฿/min No service
Call to other countries ฿/min No service
Receive incoming calls ฿/min No service
SMS ฿/message No service
Data roaming ฿/MB No service
(minimum rate 10 KB)
*All rates above are excluded VAT.
*Calls are charged at a minimum of 1 minute with 6-second increments after first minute. Learn more