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Refer friends to get FINN MOBILE free, forever!

With each friend that signs up, you will both earn up to 120 THB discount per year. Refer enough friends and your FINN MOBILE is free!

Refer friend benefit

Refer your friends and enjoy more discount!

Referral step 1

Share your personal code

Go to your mobile application and share the referral link/code to your friend.

Or go to your dashboard on the website and click on "shares as a link" then give that to your friend.

Referral step 2

Use the code

Make sure that your friends use that link to purchase and the code will be automatically applied.

Or they can also manually apply the code before purchasing. Please check your order summary to ensure that the code is applied.

Referral step 3

View friend list

Once your friends receive their SIM and start using the service, you will see their names and discount in your mobile application

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